French bulldog puppies for sale in La.

Frenchies 2 luv has a beautiful litter of French bulldog puppies for sale. We currently have 3 Cream colored Frenchies all boys looking for their forever homes.  Call for more information!

French Bulldog male puppy / Zues

Zues is a really adorable little boy. Hes ALL BOY with a feisty and fun loving personality.

Zues is a true blue Velcro pup who loves to be stuck to my side whatever were doing. He is an amazing personable confident little sweety pie.

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French Bulldog male puppy / Rex

Rex is the "Big Boy" of the litter. He has the perfect match of confidence and obedience that make him a wonderfully well rounded puppy. Puppies with his type personality generally do well in any situation.  If you are looking for a really awesome new family member give Rex a look see!

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Frenchies 2 Luv

Frenchies 2 luv is a small boutique Breeder of show quality stocky BEAUTIFUL and above all HEALTHY AKC registered French Bulldog puppies near New Orleans Louisiana.

Frenchies2luv was born out of my desire to provide healthy beautiful Frenchies for loving pet homes through the usa. Our puppies have been purchased by movie stars and famous sports personalities worldwide as well as many many loving family homes all over the world.

With over 25 years in the professional pet care industry I have become acutely aware of how important Breeder integrity is.  My foundation stock was chosen for overall health and temperament as well as appearance to insure the best possible puppies come from my breeding program.

Having beautiful friendly healthy puppies allows me to be very choosy about the homes I place my babies in a small well.



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We speak FRENCHY!! Give us a call to find out about the amazing Frenchy puppies we have for sale!  504-913-0341